Are you someone who finds themselves giving in too easily when negotiating? Do you often find yourself feeling taken advantage of or not getting the best deal possible? If so, then this blog post is for you! Here are some tips on how to not be a strong negotiator and get better deals:

1. Don’t let your emotions take over. Negotiating can be an emotional process but it’s important to stay focused and remain level-headed throughout the negotiation process. Take a step back if things become heated and try to keep an open mind about what both parties have to offer each other.

2. Ask questions before making any decisions or commitments during negotiations – don’t just accept something without understanding all of its implications first! Make sure that all aspects of the agreement are clear before agreeing on anything, as this will help ensure that no one feels like they’re getting short-changed in the end result.

3. Don’t rush into agreements – take your time considering options presented by both sides before coming up with a final decision that works for everyone involved. Be prepared to walk away from negotiations if necessary; sometimes taking a break can give everyone involved more perspective on what is being offered (and it may even lead them back around again!).

4. Be flexible – don’t stick rigidly with one position during negotiations; instead, look at ways where compromises could benefit both sides equally while still achieving desired outcomes overall. This way, nobody feels like they’ve been forced into accepting something against their wishes – rather than having won out through sheer stubbornness alone!

5. Research beforehand – make sure that you know exactly what kind of deal would work best for your interests prior to entering any negotiation discussions. Knowing ahead of time gives you leverage when bargaining since there will already be some established parameters present that cannot easily be pushed aside without significant losses occurring elsewhere down line.